Kamis, 26 Juli 2012

The Skinfood: Rice Mask Wash Off

Last Month my mom spend her week on korea, and I ask her many things as a gift, not really a gift since I make my own list. she got a lot of sample from The Skinfood, Tony Moly, The Faceshop, Etude House, etc. one of them is Rice Mask Wash Off, one of my favorite mask. so today I'll review Rice Mask Wash-Off.


the texture seems super soft, and It consist with scrub. the scrub itself  isn't harsh like Black sugar, which is very soft and smooth~! I really enjoying Mask my face using it.

the texture~

my skin before use Rice Mask

when you apply it, you need to massage your face, so it will scrub your dry and died skin. I leave the mask for 15-20 minute before I wash my face, but you can also wash yours after finish massage your face. it depends on your circumstances. one thing that you shouldn't ever forget, don't apply this mask on your eyes area!

This is the result after a massage and left for 20 minutes

rinse with warm water

my skin smoother than ever and no died skin around my nose!

result~! I need some photoshop!! ^^

this item is really good, but I still wanna try other mask, so I don't think I will buy it full size AGAIN. well, maybe later if I don't tempted other mask~! for now I still want to try Tony Moly Tomatox sleeping pack lol
anyway see you again~!

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