Kamis, 07 Juni 2012

Innisfree: Trouble Care BB Cream SPF27/PA++

I was ecstatic when read some review about this BB Cream, because I was looking for a BB cream that full coverage, with SPF, and CHEAP!
and when I read some review that said this BB cream is a GREAT BB cream for troubled skin, I tempted and finally I order mine!
two weeks after I order, I got mine, if i'm not wrong, it was last year about august or september around my birthday.
first time I use this BB cream I must say AMAZING!
my face with Innisfree Trouble Care BB Cream. AMAZING rite!

this BB Cream is jut flawless and I really love how it cover all of my face with full coverage!
nothing wrong with this I think, since it was amazing, a little whitish actually but I still can manage it with my palgantong powder. This amazingness lasting about a week, my face turn red, many pimple on my face. that time i still thinking that something wrong with my innisfree green tea toner, since during that time I change almost my skincare products towards Innisfree Green Tea Seed Toner and  Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum and also Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Foam.
dangerous? YES! but who didn't tempted with a lot great reviews about those things..
then I stop my skincare and my addiction towards Innisfree Trouble Care BB Cream. 
later this year, I tempted use my old friend again! I just wish that those pimple isn't coming back to me since it wasn't cool at all! and it back! just 2 days after I used my Innisfree, all pimple emerge towards my face, and I stop it forever. I never use my Innisfree Trouble Care BB Cream again.
now I place it on my box, use it as my work material, since not everyone have sensitive skin like mine.

It gives you pinkish looks, and more white than other BB cream, since it contain suncream!
dewy looks which I really love as you can see it on my picture above.

Oil Control:
Like always, no worries about oil control since my skin is normal-dry type

- Dewy Looks which drive crazy when I stop using it!
- Rich Pigmented and give me full coverage
- Moisturizing, which is leaves my skin breathe and not heavy although it was full coverage
- extra sunblock for you who's lazy using suncream 

the only cons that make me stop using it because causing pimple on my face.

for me, No. for work, maybe!
since it has a great coverage!