Selasa, 24 Juli 2012

The Face Shop: FACE It Sparkly Nail Polishes

hello everyone! long time not posting here..
i kinda busy with my life, yes! my real life.. 
anyway today i want to post something cute and fun which I found yesterday!
a week a go I watch K-drama I do, I do starred by Kim Sun-Ah and Lee Jang Woo
on that drama I found Miss Sun-Ah nail is quite cute and simple! which is sparkly and fun!
that's why yesterday when I go to Ciputra World Surabaya, I intend to buy a Nail Polish!
actually I'm gonna buy Etude's product before I hit The Face shop store. Etude House's nail polish didn't impress me. the spark is kinda too big and I don't really think it suit me. so I decide not to buy there. and when I see The Face Shop, I found what I want! actually this nail polish has more color! but since I'm kinda broke, I just buy one color, silver a.k.a SL 211. it cost 65K which is okay for me.
the color is clear, and the spark not too big! which is what I really want.
later on I try it on my bare nail. I don't use any other color
and see the result~
with flash

taken under natural sunlight

for me, I really satisfied with it's color. I can use it with or without other nail polish.
for now I will use it without other color. and I really think it looks super pretty and sparkly!
since I don't really like nail art, it help me decorate my nail without any difficulty!!!
thanks face shop! I will buy another color when I hit your store again or maybe I can buy it online if it's price totally different 

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