Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

Skin79: Gold Label BB Cream

when everybody said that Skin79 Hot Pink is the hottest item ever, 
I spend my whole year using Skin79 Gold Label. 
the only reason I choose this product is because it gives you dewy looks! 
yes, I love dewy looks! kinda oily but still look fabulous! and I found it in Gold Label! with cheap price, this product consist of 50ml ! not a bad deal for something that you need to use everyday rite?
my own Gold Label

I only can use this BB cream as my daily BB cream, since it was kinda sheer, much more sheer than my gingko BB cream from The Skinfood and  also Innisfree Trouble Care BB Cream/
later I will review them1!


It give you healthy dewy look! God bless me found this BB Cream! i feel so lucky because this BB Cream truly help me cover my acne! not really full coverage but still Ok for daily look~~
sometimes I use it with Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer when I want more  glossy look!

Oil Control:
I don't really feel oily since my face is more Normal-dry skin
but I feel a little bit oily after 6-7 Hours, I never bloat my face using oil paper so I don't really know how much oil produces in my face because of this BB Cream

- It gives me Dewy look, which I really love!
- the shade is really suit for my skin! although this only have 1 tone color
- Contain SPF 25+/PA perfect for outdoor activities
- Long Lasting and not really bloating for me
- Super cheap! for daily look it is the best choice for me!

- it sheer! super sheer for me! not enough for night looks! I need to mix it with other BB Cream
other than that nothing cons for me~

YES! it is a great BB Cream!

Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

The Muse Project 07

my client is the grey one
Last week when my mom went to korea, my friend call an emergency call to me
she ask my help to make up her sister for her prom night! so I spend my day and night on street, because I already at my hometown at that time..
time to work!
the hair is already done by salon, I only did make up, the girl in pink is me. I look super messy that time, because I did make up on their house, so I don't need to dress up prettily. but now I regret it!!
but I'm super happy since I got another preject that make me happy 
I did smokey eyes with Black and bronze eyeshadow for blush on I use pink and some highlight and finishing since her face is kinda small, I only use small amount of shading, not to forget shading for nose. keep cute with tangerine color lipstick. since she's still a highschool student
Done! with flash!
in polaroid
later she sent me her picture with her friends in polaroid~ looks cute right! I miss my high school moment when I see this photo!
can't wait another project! see you again my muses~!

Black Sugar, Jelly Foam or Scrub Foam?

dear muses, can somebody help me..
my mom bought me 2 the Skinfood Blacks Sugar Face Cleansing, one of them is Black Sugar Jelly Foam, another one is Black Sugar Scrub Foam. actually I want to try both of them. but I don't know when I finish it, and I'm scared that this line isn't suitable with my skin. because not all skinfood line suitable for my skin >.< for side notes this line isn't the line that I ask my mom to bought me. I ask her to buy Sweet Chocolate Foam, but I think the S.A mistaken Chocolate bottle with Black Sugar. but who knows...
Back to the topic, my skin is Normal-Dry, but I also have sensitive skin. so when I use something that unsuitable for my skin, it will be prone, but it's not acne! disgusting right.. :'(
that's why I try my best to find my haul!
this one is  Black Sugar Jelly Foam the bottle itself is cool! I never have face wash on bottle.. lame me~~ anyway this bottle tempt me with jelly words sounds yummy!!
here's another one! Black Sugar Scrub Foam another tube face wash... but I also tempted with scrub words! I was hoping this face wash will clean up all of my BB Cream that I use all day, so I don't need to use remover and cleansing cream! can somebody tell me the different between scrub foam and Black Sugar Wash Off? is it can used for daily or weekly?? I love black sugar wash off, but it is too rough for my skin.. I'm getting scared after I mask my face with Black sugar wash off my acne will comeback. is the scrub of Black Sugar Scrub Foam  same rough like Black Sugar Wash Off??
Help Me please~~

Hello Korea! Base Haul

Hello muses, here's my first review post. 
last week my mom went korea, so I asked her some stuff to buy
and she did it! i got so many things from my mom, but my sisters complaint a lot about what I buy there..
not to mention I spend almost $350 for make up and skincare alone..
but I think it really worth it 
here's some proof

I got tony moly, the skinfood, and etude house products. all of them are very amazing!
next time I will review them one by one. I hope you guys can wait my review later.

for today I will only review my favorite base. it call Secret Lime Base

I already buy this base a year a go, but since I never blogging beauty blog before, I kept my story alone, but now I can share with others, because I think this base is amazing! I can use this base as base itself or as finishing on my bridge nose and my cheek. but I prefer use it as base. Skinfood Lime Secret Base is liquid Highlighter with a pearly finish. 
It does give you pearly finish, so I hope that when you use it, you guys use it under your bb cream or your foundation, because if you use it too much it will make your face become super glowing and really looks oily!

next time I'll show you my make up when I use it lol
for now I'll end my review now. if you ask me will I buy it again, I'll answer it yes!
because it give you healthy looks, kinda pearly and oily but healthy and I love this looks~
and I already purchase three of them since this product has three color 
I will review it again when I open the lid.

Rabu, 16 Mei 2012

The Muse Project 06

model: Gabriela
MUA: The Muse
photographer: HKC Photography

behind the scene, time to make up

waiting for photoshoot, I was kinda lost here lol

and finally

we got video behind the scene ^^

thanks to FIRST SIGHT Video, Sinyo Photography, and GirlliAnt Magazine

The Muse Project 05

model still me, sorry bored you guys!
I need model~!!

The Muse Project 04

model: me
MUA: The Muse
Photographer: Mareto Chow

well, kinda failure this time..
next time I will be better!!

The Muse Project 03

My sweet sister become my model
thanks for believing me my lovely sist ^^

The Muse Project 02

The Muse Project 01

one of my work
simple make up for wedding party
more focus on eye.

1st post

welcome to my little sweet blog,
I hope I can post many things here.
since this blog dedicated for my passion towards design n make up,
so I don't know how far this blog will grow, just enjoy reading my blog and see you later

gracias :)