Kamis, 26 Juli 2012

The Skinfood: Rice Mask Wash Off

Last Month my mom spend her week on korea, and I ask her many things as a gift, not really a gift since I make my own list. she got a lot of sample from The Skinfood, Tony Moly, The Faceshop, Etude House, etc. one of them is Rice Mask Wash Off, one of my favorite mask. so today I'll review Rice Mask Wash-Off.


the texture seems super soft, and It consist with scrub. the scrub itself  isn't harsh like Black sugar, which is very soft and smooth~! I really enjoying Mask my face using it.

the texture~

my skin before use Rice Mask

when you apply it, you need to massage your face, so it will scrub your dry and died skin. I leave the mask for 15-20 minute before I wash my face, but you can also wash yours after finish massage your face. it depends on your circumstances. one thing that you shouldn't ever forget, don't apply this mask on your eyes area!

This is the result after a massage and left for 20 minutes

rinse with warm water

my skin smoother than ever and no died skin around my nose!

result~! I need some photoshop!! ^^

this item is really good, but I still wanna try other mask, so I don't think I will buy it full size AGAIN. well, maybe later if I don't tempted other mask~! for now I still want to try Tony Moly Tomatox sleeping pack lol
anyway see you again~!

The Skinfood: Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake

for today, i'm gonna share my eyebrow secret! 
hehehe... before I start learning make up, I never care of my eyebrow. like seriously, natural eyebrow is the best for me.. but after I took make up classes, those words like fading away from myself. 
Yes, I still love natural looks eyebrow, every client that I done their make up always use their own style eyebrow, because for me it still the best. But now, I know that we still need to draw those eyebrow because not everyone got a very thick and lovely eyebrow. me for example, I got teary eyes, so my eyebrow kinda flat and sorta goes down looks like someone who's sad although i'm not sad
so I need to re-model my eyebrow and make it a little bit going up~! since pencil eyebrow is kinda too much, I choose powder eyebrow, The Skinfood: Choco Eyebrow Powder cake. if you don't have it, we can use eyeshadow too, the mate one or maybe another brand, I bet every korea brand have their own eyebrow powder.

I have 2 color of these eyebrow powder, since it doesn't expensive at all and I can use it for work too. the reason why I choose The Skinfood product because I already fall in love with these product and almost all of my skincare is The Skinfood. 
Well, when I first got these item, I really like it's smell, it smell like chocolate, super yummy!!
and when I apply at my hand it looks good! since my hair is black, I don't have any trouble choose which one, because both of them looks good for me rofl~!

 khaki #01 brown #02


swatches with flash 
result on my eyebrow (I use #01)
with flash and sorry for poor clothing~!

I really love these powder, it matches me well and really long lasting! I put it in the morning then I took a picture in the night. it still looks good on me~! later if I finish it, I surely repurchase these powder!!
anyway although I use eyebrow powder, doesn't mean I make my eyebrow like hollywood actress, because I looks super old with those eyebrow. I prefer korea style eyebrow, natural and younger!

Tutorial: Night Looks Make Up by me

enjoy my video and please comment!
later on I'll do another tutorial, so please be patient ^^

Rabu, 25 Juli 2012

Photo of the Day: Panic Session!

yesterday was an awesome day with my friends!
we spend our hours together on ciputra world mall surabaya
and before we go home we did some panic photo session
I called it panic because I'm kinda scared if there's security which will shoo us from those lovely set~!

but we actually did it!
it was my favorite photo! so lovely~~
I use my favorite shirt from ZARA Basic Last season Black and Gold Series
Black short unbranded
Orange Shoes which I buy super cheap at boutique 
and matching orange bag
for accessories I use my owl necklace and flat earing!

Selasa, 24 Juli 2012

The Face Shop: FACE It Sparkly Nail Polishes

hello everyone! long time not posting here..
i kinda busy with my life, yes! my real life.. 
anyway today i want to post something cute and fun which I found yesterday!
a week a go I watch K-drama I do, I do starred by Kim Sun-Ah and Lee Jang Woo
on that drama I found Miss Sun-Ah nail is quite cute and simple! which is sparkly and fun!
that's why yesterday when I go to Ciputra World Surabaya, I intend to buy a Nail Polish!
actually I'm gonna buy Etude's product before I hit The Face shop store. Etude House's nail polish didn't impress me. the spark is kinda too big and I don't really think it suit me. so I decide not to buy there. and when I see The Face Shop, I found what I want! actually this nail polish has more color! but since I'm kinda broke, I just buy one color, silver a.k.a SL 211. it cost 65K which is okay for me.
the color is clear, and the spark not too big! which is what I really want.
later on I try it on my bare nail. I don't use any other color
and see the result~
with flash

taken under natural sunlight

for me, I really satisfied with it's color. I can use it with or without other nail polish.
for now I will use it without other color. and I really think it looks super pretty and sparkly!
since I don't really like nail art, it help me decorate my nail without any difficulty!!!
thanks face shop! I will buy another color when I hit your store again or maybe I can buy it online if it's price totally different 

Kamis, 07 Juni 2012

Innisfree: Trouble Care BB Cream SPF27/PA++

I was ecstatic when read some review about this BB Cream, because I was looking for a BB cream that full coverage, with SPF, and CHEAP!
and when I read some review that said this BB cream is a GREAT BB cream for troubled skin, I tempted and finally I order mine!
two weeks after I order, I got mine, if i'm not wrong, it was last year about august or september around my birthday.
first time I use this BB cream I must say AMAZING!
my face with Innisfree Trouble Care BB Cream. AMAZING rite!

this BB Cream is jut flawless and I really love how it cover all of my face with full coverage!
nothing wrong with this I think, since it was amazing, a little whitish actually but I still can manage it with my palgantong powder. This amazingness lasting about a week, my face turn red, many pimple on my face. that time i still thinking that something wrong with my innisfree green tea toner, since during that time I change almost my skincare products towards Innisfree Green Tea Seed Toner and  Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum and also Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Foam.
dangerous? YES! but who didn't tempted with a lot great reviews about those things..
then I stop my skincare and my addiction towards Innisfree Trouble Care BB Cream. 
later this year, I tempted use my old friend again! I just wish that those pimple isn't coming back to me since it wasn't cool at all! and it back! just 2 days after I used my Innisfree, all pimple emerge towards my face, and I stop it forever. I never use my Innisfree Trouble Care BB Cream again.
now I place it on my box, use it as my work material, since not everyone have sensitive skin like mine.

It gives you pinkish looks, and more white than other BB cream, since it contain suncream!
dewy looks which I really love as you can see it on my picture above.

Oil Control:
Like always, no worries about oil control since my skin is normal-dry type

- Dewy Looks which drive crazy when I stop using it!
- Rich Pigmented and give me full coverage
- Moisturizing, which is leaves my skin breathe and not heavy although it was full coverage
- extra sunblock for you who's lazy using suncream 

the only cons that make me stop using it because causing pimple on my face.

for me, No. for work, maybe!
since it has a great coverage! 

Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

Skin79: Gold Label BB Cream

when everybody said that Skin79 Hot Pink is the hottest item ever, 
I spend my whole year using Skin79 Gold Label. 
the only reason I choose this product is because it gives you dewy looks! 
yes, I love dewy looks! kinda oily but still look fabulous! and I found it in Gold Label! with cheap price, this product consist of 50ml ! not a bad deal for something that you need to use everyday rite?
my own Gold Label

I only can use this BB cream as my daily BB cream, since it was kinda sheer, much more sheer than my gingko BB cream from The Skinfood and  also Innisfree Trouble Care BB Cream/
later I will review them1!


It give you healthy dewy look! God bless me found this BB Cream! i feel so lucky because this BB Cream truly help me cover my acne! not really full coverage but still Ok for daily look~~
sometimes I use it with Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer when I want more  glossy look!

Oil Control:
I don't really feel oily since my face is more Normal-dry skin
but I feel a little bit oily after 6-7 Hours, I never bloat my face using oil paper so I don't really know how much oil produces in my face because of this BB Cream

- It gives me Dewy look, which I really love!
- the shade is really suit for my skin! although this only have 1 tone color
- Contain SPF 25+/PA perfect for outdoor activities
- Long Lasting and not really bloating for me
- Super cheap! for daily look it is the best choice for me!

- it sheer! super sheer for me! not enough for night looks! I need to mix it with other BB Cream
other than that nothing cons for me~

YES! it is a great BB Cream!