Kamis, 26 Juli 2012

The Skinfood: Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake

for today, i'm gonna share my eyebrow secret! 
hehehe... before I start learning make up, I never care of my eyebrow. like seriously, natural eyebrow is the best for me.. but after I took make up classes, those words like fading away from myself. 
Yes, I still love natural looks eyebrow, every client that I done their make up always use their own style eyebrow, because for me it still the best. But now, I know that we still need to draw those eyebrow because not everyone got a very thick and lovely eyebrow. me for example, I got teary eyes, so my eyebrow kinda flat and sorta goes down looks like someone who's sad although i'm not sad
so I need to re-model my eyebrow and make it a little bit going up~! since pencil eyebrow is kinda too much, I choose powder eyebrow, The Skinfood: Choco Eyebrow Powder cake. if you don't have it, we can use eyeshadow too, the mate one or maybe another brand, I bet every korea brand have their own eyebrow powder.

I have 2 color of these eyebrow powder, since it doesn't expensive at all and I can use it for work too. the reason why I choose The Skinfood product because I already fall in love with these product and almost all of my skincare is The Skinfood. 
Well, when I first got these item, I really like it's smell, it smell like chocolate, super yummy!!
and when I apply at my hand it looks good! since my hair is black, I don't have any trouble choose which one, because both of them looks good for me rofl~!

 khaki #01 brown #02


swatches with flash 
result on my eyebrow (I use #01)
with flash and sorry for poor clothing~!

I really love these powder, it matches me well and really long lasting! I put it in the morning then I took a picture in the night. it still looks good on me~! later if I finish it, I surely repurchase these powder!!
anyway although I use eyebrow powder, doesn't mean I make my eyebrow like hollywood actress, because I looks super old with those eyebrow. I prefer korea style eyebrow, natural and younger!

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